PRM Advanced Digital Signature Technology

The need for messy plaster casts or time consuming molds has been eliminated.

The unique contours of each client's body can be captured - in 1/2" and NOW 1/4" increments - straight from our portable seating simulator.
Once the shape is captured, you can simply e-mail the data to us for fabrication. Our process saves both valuable time and money.

Digital Signature SystemDigital Signature System
Our Digital Signature technology enables you to capture precise images of your clients in 1/2" increments.

In-Sight Digitizing SystemIn-Sight Digitizing System
At PRM, we have taken shape capture technology to an entirely unprecedented level. The In-Sight digitizing system enables you to capture the unique contours of you clients' bodies in exact 1/4" increments. With just one click a precise digital snapshot is taken from a seating simulator.
Faster, easier-to-use and more accurate than traditional methods, In-Sight gives you the ability to create superior-quality, better fitting customized molds.

Remote assistance is available through GoTo Meeting. Please call for a Meeting ID.

*PRM shape capture technology can be used with Prairie, Pindot KSS or MSS simulators.

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